It’s getting intense now with departures and ministry!

On Wednesday, June 6th:

Our beloved Junko Saito headed back to Japan for some time of “home ministry” to check on her mom and connect with folks back in Japan. Please be praying for her to have a great time of ministry while in Japan.

Also,  we received this letter from our own Izzy Applequist who went to Nicaragua:

Hi church family!
Thank you guys for your support so far! It has made a big difference in my trip so far. Here is a little update on how things are going!

Nicaragua has become significantly more dangerous since I got here. It’s basically a huge fight between the current government led by Daniel Ortega and his fellow Sandinistas against pro-democracy protesters. This is causing an insane amount of chaos and people really are just reacting in violence which put missionaries and many citizens in danger.

I have had instruction to start praying about going home earlier than I had planned. I feel safe here and things are okay during the days, it’s just hard to tell how each day will be. If you could just be praying for me as I make that decision and for the county as a whole that would be great. There really is no explanation to a lot of this violence and I would just love to see God do miracles during this time.

Thanks again for the love and prayers.
Izzy Applequist

More details about this unrest online on the Washington Post here.

On Thursday, June 7th:

We received a message from Izzy Applequist that the decision was made for her to come back to Long Beach from the chaos in Nicaragua.  Please pray for her travels and adjustment back home after a short stint in Nicaragua…and please pray for Nicaragua too!


Today Annika Segelhorst is scheduled to depart to Japan for a couple of months to serving at Budo no ki Church in Nagakute, Japan (Nagoya area). During her stay, she will teach English to children through the church’s English language learning program. Additionally, she will help plan and organize missionally focused outreach events for the community!


We also got the following update from Yoshitaka, Ayumi & Koko Sato who are back in Japan until the 17th of June:

Equip Nippon
Ministry Report

Beloved friends, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your
generous sacrifices and prayers of support for our work at “Equip

In late April, we had 17 people over at our home to have a hot-pot
party. 13 of the 17 people were non-Christian Japanese international
students. Although I was anxious about hosting such a big hot-pot
party (Sukiyaki and Kimchi hot-pot) since it was our first time,
thanks to God’s grace, it was a tasteful and enjoyable time. The
female students helped me prep, and we were given a glimpse of the
potential to make this evangelical movement possible. How wonderful
would it be if they were transformed by God’s love to become His
witnesses in Japan and the world. (The girl named Momoko later
received Christ at the church where she was brought to by her host
family!) ー by Ayumi

Please pray for;

1. Yoshitaka
Please pray for the opportunity to start Bible studies with Shun, and
the wisdom to know the right content. I have also been interested in
several other students called Ryotaro, Takato, Tora, and Shouki.
Please pray that I will get to know them better. I am grateful that
they all enjoyed the hot-pot party.

2. Ayumi
・Kayoko, a real estate agent whom I have been doing Bible studies
with, also came to the hot-pot party. Please continue to pray for her
salvation even though we don’t get to see each other for a while
during the summer.

3. Koko
ln May, she could finish her first year in college by God’s grace.
Please pray for her summer classes and for the Nursing exam coming up
in September. Also please pray for her health and road safety.
Additionally, for her relationship with God to grow deeply.

4. Tax Identification Number
As expected, the application did not go smoothly. Through this
frustrating experience, I’ve had to read a good number of information
which, in turn, increased my knowledge about the U.S. tax process.
Please pray that we will get our numbers by October.

5. Koko’s Scholarship
For Koko’s tuition, for example, if a $100 offering was made to our
church, Biola University would provide another $100 of support,
amounting in a total of $200 scholarship. If any of you feel led,
please visit the Los Altos Grace Brethren Church website and send a
note titled “Koko Sato’s scholarship” (the link will be attached at
the end of this letter).

6. Temporary Return to Japan
We are actually writing this letter in Japan because the three of us
are temporarily back home. Since the medical bills in the U.S are
surprisingly expensive, our family has been seeing the dentist, making
glasses, and overall getting medical checks. Please pray that God
would help us prepare for our second year in the States. (This has
been especially hard on Ayumi because of the number of things to do in
such a short time since she can only come back once a year )


Keep Praying for More Ministry through our Family this Summer!

Please continue praying for Samantha Salas in her summer camp ministry at Forest Home as she is leading younger counselors and discipling these girls!

Pray for Kevin Jentes as he finishes up the school year and will start with his summer ministry team Operation Barnabas on June 23.

Pray for Nathan and Patty Steele and their work in Cameroon with radio and the Seminary!


Here is the handout of all of our Summer Servants from Los Altos Grace  so you can be praying!