Children are a gift from the Lord…

We aim to help every child experience the goodness of God and grow in their relationship with Him and each other. On Sundays, we have opporutnities for all ages. We are here to teach, guide, and love your children so that they may show God’s love and be the lights in the world! – Matthew 5:13-16


Our guppies group is for infants through 2 years of age. We graduate kids to the next class each fall.


The Seahorse class is for kids ages 2 and 3. We graduate our kids to the next class in the fall.


The Starfish class is for preschool kids ages 4 and 5. We graduate our kids to the next class in the fall.


This class is for our elementary aged students, 1st -5th grade. We spend time in fellowship with one another as we read God’s word and discuss how to apply it to our daily lives.

Summer Camp

For additional infomration regarding our summer camp, please click on the Green Oak Ranch button at the bottom of this page.

Los Altos Grace Nursery through Grade 5 is provided during the 10:30am service.

Welcome to Los Altos Grace Children’s Ministry. Our children’s program is available to Nursery through 5th grade aged children.

1. Check in begins at 10:15 am.

        • Guppies: Located in the nursery
        • Seahorse: Located in Room 2
        • Starfish: Located in Room 3
        • Fishermen: Grades 1-5
          • Kids start in the auditorium and participate in worship, then leave with the class teacher before the sermon.

2. Upon check in, each parent/guardian will receive a number that corresponds with a number attached to your child’s name tag. This number will be returned upon pickup.

3. We have a Well Child Policy. Only children who are well should attend. Thank you for your consideration!

4. Following the conclusion of the service, please check your child out from their room with your number card. Fishermen kids will be in the courtyard at the end of service.

5. All children receive snack during the service. Please note any allergies upon check-in.

Thank you for being apart of Los Altos Grace Children’s Ministry!

If you have any questions please contact Rachel Roberts or Kailani Stone 562-596-3358 x853

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