Our God is a Missionary God- Sending the Son & the Holy Spirit.  Jesus prayed this to the Father, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them [His disciples] into the world.” John 17:18


We as a church are are a sent people and we also send others.  This page outlines some who we’ve sent or partner with!

Local Partners

Our Supported Missionaries around the globe:

Encompass World Partners

Church Multiplication Associates / CMAResources.org

  • Neil & Dana Cole   email    Long Beach, CA

OC International

  • Greg & Denyse Grip3ntr0g  email  Indonesia

Cadence International

  • Char Hauser   email  Kailua, Hawaii

Water For Good

  • Jim Hocking   email  Central African Republic


  • Don & Danka Zellmer   email  U.S. Air Force Academy, CO