Los Altos Grace Church

Los Altos Grace began as a church and school planted by the then Grace Brethren Church of Long Beach in 1953.


We are a spiritual family of brothers and sisters in Christ who seek to understand the Scriptures and live them out together.


You are more than welcome to check things out and connect with us. We gather every Sunday at 10am for coffee and 10:30am for worship and teaching.

Our God is a Missionary God- Sending the Son & the Holy Spirit.  Jesus prayed this to the Father, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them [His disciples] into the world.” John 17:18


We as a church are are a sent people and we also send others.  This page outlines some who we’ve sent or partner with!

Local Partners

Our Supported Missionaries around the globe:

Encompass World Partners

  • Matt Higby   email   Pray for Japan website  Osaka, Japan
  • Mike Jentes   email  Coordinator of Mobilization Initiatives
  • Julio & Joanne Marín   email  Japan & Long Beach, CA
  • Patty Morris   email  France (retired)
  • Cecil O’Dell  emailwebsite //updates Japan & Long Beach, CA
  • Junko Saito email // updates Long Beach Japanese Gospel Choir Japan & Long Beach, CA

Starling Initiatives

  • Neil & Dana Cole   email    Long Beach, CA

OC International

  • Greg & Denyse Grip3ntr0g  email  Indonesia

Cadence International

Water For Good

  • Jim Hocking   email  Central African Republic


  • Don & Danka Zellmer   email  U.S. Air Force Academy, CO