Family Meeting Breakfast 2017

We are delighted to announce a special Family Meeting on Saturday February 4th for our church family.  And because our church family likes to “wrap a meal around it” we will be having breakfast too!

Breakfast will be served at 8:30am and the Family Meeting portion will start at 9am.  Please join us for this special time!

Three main agenda items for our meeting:

  1. Presentation of new mission staff: Yoshitaka, Ayumi & Koko Sato 
  2. Vote on Proposed Constitutional Changes
  3. Vote on Proposed Resource Allocation



God has give us the opportunity to be the host for the Sato family as religious workers among the Japanese here in Long Beach! We want to introduce this family from Japan who will be working in and through our church family — Yoshitaka, Ayumi & Koko Sato.


The Community of Elders submitted proposed changes to the constitution at our June 2016 Family Meeting. The Elders have been open for feedback and believe it is time to move forward with the proposed changes as presented. We will vote on these changes.

See the webpage here. If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to interact with any of the Elders or Pastor Phil Helfer.



The Lord has given our church family a great history and many resources. The Community of Elders believes that a portion of our resources can be reallocated to improve our ministry for the future.


With nearly double the number of members we needed for a quorum, we had a long conversation about the constitutional changes and about the Resource Allocation. In the end, we overwhelmingly passed both the proposed constitutional revisions (Constitution-2017 version) and the resource allocation plan.

The Resource Allocation conversation was about leveraging a small portion of the huge asset we have of our property. The proposal was to increase our small mortgage of $185K by adding an additional $400K to cover 3 things: 1) Reinvestment into the Facilities through renovations, 2) Additional Ministry Staff and 3) Payment reserve. Here is the document that outlines these measures: Proposed Use of Mortgage Proceeds 2017[PDF]


If you have questions, encouragements or concerns, please contact any of the Community of Elders.