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Phil Helfer - December 15, 2019

Wise Men Still Seek Him


“Wise Men Still Seek Him” Israel is a nation waiting for a messiah. From the beginning, in Genesis 3, we are told that God will send someone who will “bruise the head of the enemy.” King Herod spent his entire rule waiting for somebody to appear to threaten his power, so he could destroy them. Including Jesus. His advisers informed him that prophecy says the Messiah will be born in Bethlehem. God had a plan to protect and save Jesus, but all the other children were removed by Herod’s men (Matthew 2:16-18). When the wise men appear (more realistically a large group than just three individuals), they specifically ask for the “King of the Jews”. Years of waiting and knowing had built up to a confidence that they had found their messiah. This same longing and confidence is what empowers the phrase, “Wise men still seek Him.” Jesus has come, and through His birth, death, and resurrection, is still alive and available to be sought. We should seek Him with the same fervor and desperation that the original group of wise men did, knowing we will encounter our glorious and holy King.

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