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Bill Salas - July 21, 2019

Where Do You Find Your Rest-Psalms 121

Psalms 121 Pastor Bill lead us through a morning in Psalm 121. He told the story of a recent day hike that went awry, and how being unprepared and relying on himself lead to getting a little lost and eventually getting help from a stranger. From the psalm, we learned about the promises God made to us for us to remember along our own complicated journey: Your helper, our helper, is the Lord. He does not sleep- He is always watching over us and always with us. He is our shade, and He knows our every need. He is our protector, from evil. He is our guard- now and forever. It’s very easy to enter everyday life focused on our own goals, skills, abilities, and intentions. Relying on our own strength, wisdom, and preparation can only get us so far. Relying instead upon God’s strength and wisdom and trusting His path for us will take us as far as we need to go.

Scripture References: Psalms 121:1-8

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