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Phil Helfer - March 3, 2019

When Jesus Intervenes-Acts 9

Ears To Hear

Acts 9 Saul despises Christians. He approved of Stephen’s death, and he’s going house-to-house acting as a bounty hunter, trying to discover and destroy anyone who is putting their faith in Jesus.

And then he meets Jesus. A literally blinding light and a booming voice, giving clear instructions to Saul. An arranged encounter with a stranger in a new city to reinstate Saul’s sight. And a new mission: To preach the gospel of Jesus to the world.

Everyone is amazed and confused. “We know you, but this isn’t you! What happened?” The apostles, more than everybody, need real convincing, and Barnabas steps up to testify on Saul’s behalf.

Real life change comes from MEETING Jesus. Not just having information about him, but KNOWING HIM PERSONALLY. Your view of the world changes. Your priorities adapt. Your interaction with people is different. And it is glorious.

Let Jesus be the change you wish to see in your life.

Scripture References: Acts 9:1-43

From Series: "Ears To Hear"

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