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Phil Helfer - September 8, 2019

The Kingdom of God… It’s Like This. Parable of the Sower Mark 4

It\'s Like This

Sermon summary “It’s Like This”, The Sower and the Seed Sunday September 8 The Kingdom of God is future. The Bible describes in Revelation a new world where Jesus reigns supreme. The Kingdom of God is present. It is here and now because the King, Jesus, is here and now. The Kingdom of God is opposed to the world’s systems and beliefs. But how do we know just what the Kingdom of God really is? Jesus talked a lot about the Kingdom of God, and he used parables to do it. Many of his parables begin; “The kingdom of God is like…” and thus our new series “It’s like this” begins. Our first parable is about The Sower and the Seed. A farmer goes out and sows seed, which Jesus explains later to his curious disciples, is “the word”, the Gospel, the message that Jesus has come to save us. The seed lands on soil/people/hearts. 4 things can happen: 1. Seed gets picked off by Satan, 2. Seed never quite takes root, 3. Seed gets choked by the “worries of this life” or 4. Seed lands on good soil -a person’s heart- takes root, is nurtured and produces varying degrees of fruitfulness in the kingdom. How’s the “soil of your heart” today? How can we help each other and our community to hear the good news of Jesus so that His kingdom has the chance to grow in their lives? God bless you with ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you these days regarding his kingdom and your place in it! Be sure to check out shirts and more with our theme “It’s Like This” available at:

Scripture References: Mark 4:1-34

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