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Phil Helfer - July 7, 2019

Take Courage

Ears To Hear

Acts 23 Paul is well into a rhythm of entering a new place, causing a disturbance, getting arrested, being moved, and doing the whole thing all over again. He appears before powerful people, this time the Sanhedrin, speaking the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. This causes an uproar among the Pharisees, who then make a vow to kill Paul. Paul is sent away to Caesarea, where he is kept under guard to await another trial. Pastor Phil revealed to us that sometimes he wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Another stinkin’ day…” It’s really easy for any of us to have that kind of mindset. What are we getting up for each day? What does each day have in store for us? A series of mundane responsibilities to check off our to-do list? Or a number of exciting adventures full of opportunity? Every day, God has special things planned for us to do. Paul knew that, and acted as such. Even in prison, each day was an opportunity to experience God’s creation and share the truth of Jesus with another person. What does God have in store for you today? What opportunity to share Jesus are you going to capitalize on?

Scripture References: Acts 23:1-35

From Series: "Ears To Hear"

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