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Phil Helfer - February 2, 2020


Pastor Phil continued our series in Galatians titled “Live Free or Die.” This week we looked at Chapter 3, verses 1-14. Paul calls out the Galatians for muddling whether their salvation is based on the Law instead of through faith. He follows that up with questioning them on whether they think their “perfection” comes from the Spirit or “by the flesh”, aka their own personal actions. In so doing, Paul reminds us of the same idea. It is generally easy for us to understand that we have been saved by the love and actions of Jesus, but then the practicality of our actions suggests that now we have burdened ourselves and taken the rest of our own lives onto our own shoulders. Pastor Phil challenged us to think further about how we respond to the gift of salvation: Have you truly received this gift? Do you understand that if you focus your mind on the idea that you have to do this work on your own, it is a slap in the face of God and diminishes what Christ did on the cross? Allow the sacrifice Christ made to truly carry its own weight. Let Him relieve you from this burden, so that you may live a life free to be your true self, glorifying God’s great power and wisdom.

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