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Phil Helfer - May 5, 2019

One Thing Leads To Another- Acts 15

Ears To Hear

Acts 15 As Paul and Barnabas and the other apostles continue to spread the gospel, they encounter an issue: According to the Jewish leaders, since the Jews have been living according to the Law of Moses for the duration of their history, the Gentiles who are coming to faith should likewise follow the Law, and this new version of simply accepting Christ for their salvation is not readily acceptable. The apostles travel to Jerusalem to meet with the leaders to figure things out. The Jewish leaders re-emphasize the history of their people while Peter recounts the story of the Gentiles receiving the Holy Spirit. Peter also points out the history of the Jews’ inability to follow the Law, and how expecting the Gentiles to do likewise is a tall order. A compromise is reached, allowing the Jews to continue their practices and the Gentiles to focus on a small number of acceptable directives. A letter is drafted and sent out to the Gentile communities. We get in the way of God’s work quite often. God set things in motion, provides us with opportunities, uses people to support and encourage us, yet still we struggle. We put our individual needs and desires first, and we suffer as a result. Our own lives get complicated, and that spills over into the lives of the people around us. Pastor Phil reminded us, in the midst of our lives, we have to constantly seek what God wants. Either alone, in groups, or in communities. Seek what’s true, what’s right, and what He wants. When we do, great things happen, because God is great.

Scripture References: Acts 15:1-40

From Series: "Ears To Hear"

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