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Phil Helfer - September 24, 2017

Brokenness Hurts / Relationship Works

Relationship Works

Brokenness Hurts

We know that the world is BROKEN! As our second look into our series on relationships, we examined where all this brokenness came from-- way back in the beginning at Genesis 3.

We saw that the creation was VERY Good as God had made it with Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.  As the earth was made, this was the picture of how things looked:

Soon a serpent slithered up next to the people and they chose to step over the line that God had drawn. Adam & Eve ate the fruit and everything became broken - men, women, the creation and the serpent. Often this is called The Fall...and here is a depiction of how things were then:

So Relational distance between people and God was huge. Humans were also under the governance of this world and the evil one!  Then Jesus came to restore the relationship with people!  We looked at one more picture which depicts the reality of how things are now for those who follow Jesus as King:

We are now in relationship with our God, but we still are in the world, have our flesh and under the influence of the evil one.  Yet the reality is we are WITH our God!

Scripture References: Genesis 2:15-18, Genesis 2:21-25, Genesis 3:1-24

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