Life Transformation Groups

LTG-Blue-frontA Life Transformation Group (LTG) is a simple way to help each other grow spiritually and walk more closely with Jesus. It is a grassroots tool for growth which encourages and supports people to follow Christ by fueling internal motivation rather than applying external pressures and ploys. This tool empowers the common christian to accomplish the uncommon work of reproducing spiritual disciples who can in turn reproduce others.

Simple overview:

• Life Transformation Groups meet once a week for approximately one hour.
• Life Transformation Groups are groups of two or three (the addition of a fourth person is the beginning of the second group and multiplication is imminent).
• The groups are not co-ed, but gender specific.
• There is no curriculum, workbook or training involved.
• There is no leader needed in the group.
• Only three tasks are to be accomplished in an Life Transformation Group:
• Sin is confessed in mutual accountability.
• Scripture is read repetitively in context and in community.
• Souls are prayed for strategically, specifically, and continuously.

We have LTG Cards in the church office and in the auditorium for you to use! Grab a few and get started today!

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