I’m back! & Gospel choir 2018 Fall has started!

Hello friends! It seems to be a hot summer everywhere this year. How is everything going? I always thank you for your prayer and support! It really means a lot to me.

I’ve returned to Long Beach safely from the trip to Japan. I worked mainly in the East region (Tokyo area) this time based on my parents’ house. I visited my home Church, my supporting Churches, and the Bible school (where I worked and graduated from) . I shared with them what God is doing here in Long Beach and how we following up our contacts who have already came back to Japan. And also I met my friends, supporters and Encompass missionaries with as small groups and individuals. I wished that I could meet more people who are supporting me faithfully face to face. But I trust God that he sent me who I needed to meet.

As I usually do, I had our Gospel choir reunion and met former choir members and had a really good time. I could see that they really had a good time in our choir here through this meeting. I’m sure they experienced the love which only God’s family has whether they realized it or not. God is working!

I also arranged the meetings for the students who went back from Long Beach and the people from local churches in Japan to meet and to make new relationship between them. When I sat with them, I felt like I was doing match making. (haha!) Well, I couldn’t share everything about what God did for our ministry and me in Japan. I really thank God and your prayers!

Now here in Long Beach, we have started Gospel choir practice since the first Friday in August. We’ve got 6 new people for the first practice. These people were introduced by mutual friends of us. And I’ve got some emails from others who are interested in Gospel choir through Japanese SNS here. ( We put our choir’s announcement on that sight.) I’m looking forward to seeing more new people this semester. And also now we are waiting for new international students who are arriving next week. Please pray that I can make a good schedule to meet and spend time with new students and regular contacts to know them well and share Gospel.

On to other things, my support level is 65% now. Please continue to pray that my financial need will be met. Thank you so much for working together for building God’s kingdom!!

Anyone who has a question, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. And anyone who is interested in supporting me with finance, please click here and visit the Encompass’web site. God bless you and your family richly!!


(Japanese Ministries of Greater LA / Encompass World Partners)