Some years ago a boy by the name of Carl grew up in our church. He went to youth group here and then graduated from high school and went off to a Christian College.  He majored in Psychology as did the pretty girl who became his wife. They moved to Wisconsin and settled down to the “good life” with a house, a car and kids as psychologists.

Then God broke into their world, using the movie “Invisible Children” to rattle the Gaede family to go and make a difference in Uganda.  So they responded, they sold everything, picked up their family and moved to Uganda.

We are proud of Carl and his family who started the ministry Tutapona – which in Swahili means “We Will Be Healed” and is a trauma counseling ministry!

This year, Tutapona celebrates 10 years of ministry.  We are excited that in this celebration, our own Carl can come back and share with our church about what God is doing!

You won’t wan to miss this Sunday July 15th as Carl will be sharing during our worship service at 10:30am! See you @LosAltosGrace!