Kanami-Junko-friendsThank you always for your prayer and support! I’m sharing what God is doing.

We had a baptism on February 17th for Kanami who are here as an international student before she goes back to Japan in the end of March. (Photo: Left bottom, The center of the three) I’m really glad to share this joy with you! She first came to Long Beach as an one year exchange student. She had never known Christians until she met us. At that time, even though she joined our Gospel choir and many of our events, she went back to Japan just keeping the seed of Good news. She was planning to come back here before long to get a certificate. So as I kept in touch with her, I looked forward to seeing her again. One day, I was surprised by the news that she received Jesus as her Savior in Japan. What a surprise and joy it was! So right after she came back here, we could start discipleship.

I really thank God for these 3 years with her challenging many things together. That was also a precious learning time for me. She became a helpful disciple to our ministry. To say good bye is always hard, and this time, too. But I’m very happy for being able to send her to Japan as one who brings the light of God. Please pray for her for starting to work in Japan, for sharing Good news to her family, and for her spiritual growth. Thankfully, we already found a group of Christians for her to meet in Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing God’s plan for her in Japan.

And another wonderful thing was the girl who is Kanami’s friend and one of our contacts was here visiting us from Japan could join Kanami’s baptism and celebrate together.(Photo: Left bottom: The right person in three) When she was here as an exchange student, she joined the Gospel choir and our house church. And she returned with the seeds like Kanami. She is keeping touch with us and connects to Christians in Japan. I believe that she is already in God’s hand. Please remember this girl for your prayer, too.

Well, there was another “disciple” who went back to Japan before Kanami’s baptism–Kyohei. (Photo: Bottom right) He became a Christian here, was baptized here and spent time with us for about 3 years. He enjoyed helping our Gospel and Surfing ministry every week. He grew with a heart of servant. It was also hard for us to say good bye to him but we also glad to send him to Japan as a Jesus’ disciple. He is also preparing for his work there. The prayer requests for him are the same as Kanami. I thank God for giving us fruit! And I thank you for working together for God’s kingdom. But still ”The harvest is plentiful but the worker is few” is true. Please pray for that as well.

Also I’m very appreciative if you continue to pray for my financial need will be met. My goal is fulfilling raising support and I can focus on my ministry work. Anyone who has a question, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. And anyone who is interested in supporting me financially, please click the link below and visit Encompass’ website.

God bless you and your family richly!!

– Junko Saito

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