Thank you for your prayer and support!

Time has past quickly. I feel like celebrating new year was just the other day, but it already February!

Where should I start reporting from? Well, my trip to Japan visiting my family during New year’s holiday was blessed. I could help my mom, meeting brother and friends. I felt God’s protection during the trip. Thank you for your prayer!

And right after I came back from Japan (extremely cold) to Long Beach (very warm), I flew to Atlanta (really cold) to get a training for full-time missionaries at the headquarters of Encompass. I had it with three wonderful young ladies. It was great experience to have meet and learned together with the people who have same hearts.(photo:left bottom: The lady in the middle is an Encompass staff) I finished the training and officially became a long-term, full-time missionary of Encompass. It’s about 10 years since I’ve joined Long Beach Japanese Ministry.

I’m surprised about it and also thankful for God has brought me this far. And still, God is leading me according to His plan. And as for our Gospel choir, we started a Spring semester in the end of January. We got new faces every week so far. Thank God for He keeps our choir and makes a wonderful place of evangelism. Since last year, I have girls meeting regularly sharing about God. (right bottom) They’ll be here for 4 years to finish their study. Please pray for them and the other girls who are going back to Japan in May for we can share Gospel to them well. Recently we had to sent one of our disciple, Kyohei back to Japan. And we’ll send another one, Kanami off too in March. She is going to be baptized before leaving here. Please pray for them going back home with missionary hearts. I’m really blessed with you for experiencing God’s work together. Each parts we are holding might be different, but we’re all working together for God’s kingdom. Thank you again!

And also I’m appreciated if you continue to pray for my financial need will be met. To be a full-time missionary it’s a challenge to raise more support. Anyone who has question, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. And anyone who is interested in supporting me financially, please click this link and visit Encompass website. God bless you and your family richly!!

Junko (Japanese Ministries of Greater LA)