January 25, 2018

Dear friends, below is a quick update with some prayer requests for your perusal:

 ·         On Tuesday, January 30th (9:30 GMT+1) I will have oral surgery for the infection that has bothered me since last April. The root canal was not sufficient to take care of the problem so I will have a procedure will probably take 1½ hours. Please pray that the infection will clear up and that the Lord would guide the surgeon-dentist because the affected area is also close to a nerve. It will be done under a local anesthetic. Afterwards, I’m planning to lay low the necessary time while taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, paracetamol, using mouth wash and an ice pack. I’ll be glad when this clears up so I can give attention to my osteoarthritic knee.

·         Yesterday, I spent a long day (10 hours work + 2½ hrs. travel) at the Chateau of Saint Albain to update the accounting, reconcile accounts, and do some analyses in preparation for my work day with the “expert-comptable” (CPA), which has been scheduled for February 15. Pray for my on-going testimony to D.P. We’ve worked together for over 15 years, starting first at Editions Clé. (From home I also previously worked to compile a suggested budget proposal for 2018).

·         Please begin to pray now for the annual business meeting of the CEP-Chateau which we have scheduled for March 15. It is the only day in the month that we could find in common to meet with the committee. There are many challenges and decisions to make so we would appreciate your prayers.

·         Praise the Lord for the generosity of many, with some pretty significant gifts given, that has allowed us to deem that we have raised sufficient funds for the Chateau handicap upgrades. Thank you for your prayers and gifts.

·         I’m thankful that Clairebelle was willing to lead the ladies Bible study on January 9, the day I returned from Cyprus* – I got home at 12:20 pm and was at the church at 2:00 pm – and on January 23. This allowed me to be free not to have to worry about preparation during a very busy time, but also provided greater continuity as she shared the lives of Naomi and Ruth from the book of Ruth. On February 6, we will look at the life of Hannah, and hopefully I’ll be feeling up to leading. I’ve done advance preparation and will pass my notes on if need be. =)

·         * My pastor Mike Sciarra and his family and the Weisenbergers from Grace Church of Orange, came to lead in worship, devotions and serve through child care during the week that the Encompass Europe and Africa missionaries met for “Family Reunion” in Paphos. Merci! It was good to see them and benefit from their blessing the team and me personally.

·         The “East Lyon” house group had a wonderful cheese fondue dinner together hosted by Armand and Marlise on January 12. Since December was so busy for everyone we postponed our normal Christmas meal which meant we could enjoy time together without the pressures of the holiday season. We enjoyed good fellowship and laughter! Tomorrow night, January 26, we will continue our studies on the attributes of God. The grace of God is a part of God’s character and there are many facets of this grace that manifests itself in various ways. Isn’t it great to know that from the beginning to the end, we are the object of divine grace?

·         Praise God and thanks to you for your generous giving! Although I don’t have all the support commitments I need to meet my support level (I’m actually far below), my account at Encompass is still in the black. Amazing!

·         The second week of January was a universal prayer week in France. Our church hosted a prayer meeting for local churches and it was nice to prayer with other evangelical believers. Last Sunday, there was a common worship service (but we also held a service at our church which was well attended). Beseech the Lord with us that He will have pity on France, and that men and women who are in desperate need of salvation need would come to know Christ.

Thanks for your partnership in the Great Commission!


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More News:

Subject: update on my oral surgery

Date: January 31, 2018 at 3:42:36 AM PST

Hi everybody,

This is just a quick note to say thank you for your prayers for my oral surgery yesterday. I arrived at the surgeon-dentist’s office at 9:30 and he completed the surgery at 11:30. He did the apicoectomy under a local anesthetic so I could hear everything that he was doing (think disinfection, cutting, drilling, scraping, and then taking the time to put in several sutures.) It was interesting because he started by drawing my blood, which he later mixed with a membrane to fill in the hole. Ah, modern technology! Fortunately, I’m not afraid of having dental work done. The pain has been tolerable especially since I put an ice pack on it immediately and continue to do so. I’ll be taking different meds for 5 days.

I think he was pleased with how things went. He said at the end, “I have done my work, now you have to do yours.” Well, that means that it is up to me – the Lord really – to help in the healing process. I actually walked home afterwards since it’s only 1 mile (1.6 km) away and I needed to stop at the lab (standard procedure is to do a biopsy of the cyst) and also to the pharmacy. There are advantages of living in the city!

A friend from church stopped by briefly to see how I was doing and brought in a meal. =) She called again today and I was able to give some counsel as she is leading a discipleship group with a few women.

 I do still have some swelling and a pretty bruise about the size of a quarter (1€ piece) on my left lower jaw. Please continue to pray that the infection was effectively removed and that the healing will be complete. It could take several months for the bone to renew and heal. I will go for a short follow up visit next Wednesday, but I don’t think he’ll take the stitches out yet at that time.

Thanks for your prayers. I’m feeling better than I had expected on the day after.

In Christ,