Cornerstone Gospel choir concert and our spring semester was finished with blessing!

Thank you for your prayer and support! We could finish our Gospel choir’s spring concert on May 13th with blessing. We had a wonderful workshop, concert and reception after the concert with the cooperation of Ray Sidney, his band and Los Altos Grace Brethren Church. I can’t thank enough for their support and of course, to your prayer. I was really happy to hear from the audiences that they enjoyed very much and were blessed.

Although I always enjoy all aspects of the concert, my favorite part is an “interview time” to the choir members. Because I can hear with the audiences how God drew those members to our choir and what God had been doing within them. God is working in them! You can see our spring concert through Youtube ( And also we had a semester finishing up party at a member’s parent’s house. Even non-Christian members brought their families to the party and we had a really good time. This is a great opportunity for us as bonding time with them. The seeds are planted. I could see some members started showing interests in God during this semester, too. Now we are in a Summer break until August. Please pray that we can keep in touch with them and even closer during this break.

And I’m going to Japan from the middle of June for 5 weeks. I’ll visit Churches, meet my supporters and potential supporters, following up the students who already came back to Japan and spend time with my family. Please pray that I can listen to God’s guidance and follow it in this trip. I’m so thankful for you to be able to work together for God’s great plan. I’m also very appreciated if you continue to pray for my finance will be met.(I’m on the half way to go.) Anyone who has question, please feel free to contact me with [email protected]. And anyone who is interested in supporting me with finance, please click the link below. God bless you richly!!

Junko (Japanese Ministries of Greater LA)

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