Dear Los Altos Grace,

Thank you so much for your incredible support, generosity, and encouragement.  We know we’re not alone – you’ve been walking with us!  Each day we do our best to move forward faithfully, knowing God has called us to this journey, that He watches over us, and that your prayers surround us.  We ask your continued prayers for this work, both here in the Middle East and in Uganda.


What we’ve seen so far during our first six months here in Kurdistan has been incredible.  Here’s how you can pray for us:

Please lift up prayers of thanksgiving.  We’re working with amazing partners – Samaritan’s Purse, World Orphans, and A21 – who provide some of our funding and helped us with outreach to the IDP camps and communities where we provide trauma rehabilitation.


Please pray for courage, strength and wisdom for our new staff.  We’ve recruited and trained three teams of staff and we’ve held several group trauma rehabilitation sessions so far, in addition to providing individual trauma counseling. 


Please pray for continued healing for our program participants.  We are celebrating the amount of progress we’ve seen among the people affected by war and conflict we’ve worked with, and we’re seeing that the trauma rehabilitation curriculum we developed for this setting is working well.


Please pray for safety and peace.  Although we’ve been amazed by how God is moving, we have also seen the enemy at work. Right now, fighting has resumed in Snuni (one of the areas where we recently began working) with some deaths reported. Our brand-new team has been evacuated, and our work in Snuni is now on hold. Please pray for safety and peace in that area, and for us to be able to resume our work with the people there, for the need is great.


Please pray for Uganda and South Sudan.  Over one million refugees from South Sudan’s civil war have arrived in Uganda; since July they’ve arrived at a rate of more than 2,000 people every day.  Overwhelmingly, they are women and children.  The need for trauma rehabilitation is significant; please pray for our Uganda team and their work with these refugees.


We’re in this together – thank you!



Carl Gaede

Founder & Director