Our beloved Char Hauser is our Featured Missionary for the month of February.  She wrote us a letter to share with us about all that the Lord is doing in and through her!

February 11, 2017

Dear friends at Los Altos Grace,

I wish I could be there with you there in person…but since I can’t be, I want to thank you for caring about what God is doing among our military wives and active duty gals at Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base. Where do I begin…. 🙂
Recently I was talking to an intern who is ministering to military personnel at Pearl Harbor/Hickam, our other location here on the Island. He and his wife recently separated from the Army. He told me that he sees a more crucial need for ministry among the wives than their husbands. The active duty Marine has his command, his job and is doing a great, sacrificial job. But the wives have no one to validate their day, support them when their husbands are deployed or working long hours, help them physically to take care of broken cars, sick kids, giving birth without their husbands, cheering them on as they actively apply the Word of God in a very lonely, unappreciated place in life. That one conversation motivated and energized me more than ever and confirmed to me that this is exactly what God wants me to do. My opportunities to step into their lives and point them to Jesus is tremendous.

Let me tell you just a little about some amazing, overwhelming moments when God showed up in the lives of some of these gals lives:

  • He showed up to comfort a mom whose baby passed away at 5 months old. The mom and dad are now using his memory to minister to others through at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • He showed up to comfort several wives as they delivered their babies without their deployed husbands. He sent friends to be there in his place.
  • He showed up to encourage young moms when I had the privilege of sharing my “story” with MOPS.
  • He was there when a wife and baby lost their husband to a helicopter crash. Ladies from our Bible study group reached out in practical ways to help her through the initial shock of this great loss.
  • He shows up every Tuesday morning as young wives and moms meet together to talk about the Bible study that we are studying. To see God open their eyes to the Scriptures and then watch as they apply them during the week is so encouraging.
  • One of the young girls that I disciple, led her first friend to the Lord. He was part of an eastern religion and is now learning all about Jesus.

Marissa, a young Navy corpsman, who I meet with weekly, wanted to say something to you all:

Dear Los Altos Grace Church,

Words cannot express how much Char Hauser means to me, but I will try and do the best I can.

I do not know where I would be in my relationship with God without Him placing Char in my life. I met Char at a women’s conference in October 2015, and the second I met her she made me feel like a close friend.

I have been in the Navy for almost 5 years now with 4 of these years living in Oahu. Ever since October 2015, I have spent many hours every Friday night with Char and have been to numerous conferences and seminars with her (she has invited me to every one she goes to). My favorite part of my entire week and what I look forward to the most is spending those many hours every Friday night with her, talking about the Lord, and learning from her. She has so much love for Jesus, so much devotion to the women she spends time with, and she is so dedicated to helping women build their relationship with Christ. She is the most wonderful wise counselor, my closest friend, and sister in Christ. Char constantly encourages me in my relationship with God, teaches me about His love, creates and suggests Bible studies for us to do together, recommends books to me (and lets me borrow them!), and gives me so many great resources where I can seek truth. She follows up with me, is honest with me, is patient with me, and is so kind to me. There has never been a time that Char has not been there when I needed her. I cry, pour out my heart to her, and there is never a hint of judgement in her but only love, compassion, and kindness. She has been the most supportive person in my life, always helping me focus on Christ, is extremely knowledgeable, and has great discernment about the what the Scriptures say to answer all of my (many) questions.

I have grown so much in my relationship with Christ because of who Char is in Christ, and how He has grown my relationship with Him through her. My time with her has been so meaningful for my life; I can do nothing but thank and praise God for how He has blessed me. It is an honor to write about Char Hauser and how much our time together means to me.


Marissa J. Bond

On a personal note: March 1 will be the 3 year mark since Ray left for heaven. As sad, empty, confusing and painful as the separation has been, my heart is so grateful for his example as my spiritual leader and husband and all that he taught me that prepared me to continue on “sharing the gospel and my life with military people.” I have never experienced God’s presence as much as I do now. God is becoming all that Ray was to me and, of course, so much more. I am so aware of the spiritual battle that we are all in and I have to fight daily to not be discouraged. I would be so encouraged to know that my home church is praying for me and the ministry here.

Thank you for your faithful financial support that helps make it possible for me to stay here. I consider you a part of my team and even though you can’t be here physically, you are investing in the souls of these young people.

Living with a grateful heart,


 The Lord is good.  A stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him. –Nahum 1:7


Please feel free to reach out to Char by Facebook or email ([email protected])