Our mission moment for January featured our long-time missionary to France, Patty Morris.  We shared a brief update and time of prayer for her on Sunday Jan. 22nd.  Below is the full text of her letter to our church family:


From: “Patty Morris” <[email protected]>

Subject: RE: Mission Moment on Sunday at Los Altos Grace Featuring YOU!

Date: January 21, 2017 

Hi Mike, Phil and friends at LAGBC,

 Warm greetings from COLD France. Temps overnight this week have gotten down to 22 and the highs are barely above freezing.


Thanks for this opportunity to share. As usual, I wear many hats so switching them back an forth and ensuring that I get everything done in all the areas will always be one of my greatest challenges. Here’s an update about some of those responsibilities:


Ladies Bible Study:

This past Tuesday 14 of us gathered for a study of Romans 6. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a harder time preparing – in French, of course! – but I think it’s because the content was of utmost importance. There is so much good theology, but I wanted to be careful not to get lost in the details in order to follow what Paul was really saying. “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” Absolutely not. Our position as justified ones needs to be lived out on a daily basis (sanctification). The newest lady to the group and also a new believer (only since last August) couldn’t contain herself to give a spontaneous testimony. She said that there were things in her life that she used to do and say that she no longer even wants to do! She is also telling her family and those around her how Christ has transformed her life… and it shows. Her testimony
of how God worked in her life is pretty amazing. Praise the Lord! Pray as the ladies and I continue our trek through Romans.


East Lyon house group:

We started 2017 together with my asking the question whether each one felt he/she knew God better now than a year ago. I threw out a challenge for us to know God better experientially by the end of 2017. Of course, right thoughts about God will affect our behavior. We thus started a series of studies every other Friday night on the attributes of God. We’ll mainly use A.W. Tozer’s book, The Knowledge of the Holy. The initial challenge is that the French version of the book is out of print and very difficult to find. I’m in the process of getting permission from the publisher. Fortunately, I was able to come up with a copy in pdf format. We had great discussion last night. We’ll try to define the different attributes, come up with a practical illustration of what it means, and also see if there are songs that proclaim the greatness of God in the various aspects of His character. (Harder, since France doesn’t have the same historical culture of the great hymns of the faith). Pray that we will indeed grow in our understanding of who God is, and love Him even more demonstrated by holy lives of obedience to Him and His Word.


Pause – I’m going over to a friend’s for lunch (Saturday) along with a couple of other good friends from church. Pray that I can be an encouragement. One friend’s adult children are facing huge trials leading them to trust the Lord for the outcome. This week another needs to confront a couple of people who have not accepted decisions for a merger and have been vindictive which has led to the need to terminate them. Hard things.


Chateau of Saint Albain:

Praise the Lord for the new director, Nicolas, who began his responsibilities on September 1.

Praise the Lord for the Living Nativity and Christmas market that allowed a thousand people to hear the Good News proclaimed.

This time of year for me means working on year-end finances. On February 8, I will be meeting with the accountant (CPA) in preparation of the year-end financial statement. Pray for my on-going testimony to Denis. Every year for at least 15 years I’ve sown seeds of the gospel because we spend a couple of hours in the car traveling to/from the Chateau and another hour at lunch. A fellow-believer in the Pont de Chéruy daughter church also uses the accounting firm’s services, and the accountant speak highly of Elie’s business practices and integrity!

Pray as we continue to raise funds for the handicap upgrade project. In late February, I believe Marlin Weaver will be coming with a team to begin the initial work.


On a personal note:

Praise the Lord for the opportunity I have to go to Israel for the first time with my sisters March 1-12. The tour will be led by Dr. Bob Fetterhoff, pastor of the Wooster, OH GBC. I’ll meet my sisters in Paris and then we’ll join the group in Tel Aviv.

In recent consultations with my doctor and a rheumatologist, it would seem that I am now destined for replacement of my left knee. On February 3, I with have the last in a series of three knee infiltration shots which I hope will make it possible for me to do all the walking required on the trip w/o too much discomfort. Pray for wisdom to know how soon after the trip I should plan for surgery. (I’ve never been hospitalized in my entire life so all this will be new for me).

Praise the Lord for His provision for my support this year! I ended the year in the black!


Sunday after the worship service, which will be followed by two baptisms, I’ll to out to lunch with Deborah. Pray that I can encourage her in her walk with the Lord. Her husband is not a believer.


Thanks for your partnership – through you prayers and financial support!


Patty and Squirt !

_^. .^_