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From Where I Sit

Hi! Karen Salas here…From my seat, at my desk and in the Body, I have the rare privilege of seeing you lovely people live your lives with HIM. I am in awe of you!     This month it is my privilege to invite Miles and Roxanne Fisher to our newsletter lead story. I asked them to share their story this month of February as a testimony of true love…devoted to HIM and married 37 1/2 years!

We have been members of Los Altos Grace Brethren Church since 1988. Our four children – Elizabeth, Wesley, Andrew, and Jesse – attended preschool through 6th grade at Los Altos Brethren, went on to Brethren Christian High School, and received their degrees at Christian Universities (Grace College, Calif Baptist Univ, and Vanguard Univ). Three of our kids and 5 grandchildren live in our Westminster neighborhood; Andrew’s family with 2 grandchildren live in Paia, Maui, HI 🙁


Miles’ story: I grew up in a wonderful family in Long Beach. We attended Presbyterian Church regularly each week, however, I do not recall hearing about receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior. I began competitive swimming on swim teams at age 8 through my college years, which led to a job as Long Beach lifeguard sargent for about 16 years. Putting my business degree to use I was an insurance broker for 23 years with Farmers Insurance.

While attending CSULB, I was searching for some answers to the meaning on life. I looked into many different ideas, religions, and philosophies to no avail. At the age of 21, a young lady I knew told me about her new experience with Jesus Christ, and she encouraged me to also accept Jesus. I remember telling her I was a Christian because I had attended church growing up (I didn’t realize then that church attendance did not make me a Christian)… Read the rest online >>