2015PattyMorrisPatty’s Praises & Prayer Requests – June 2015 

Greetings once again from Villeurbanne! Can you believe that next month I will have lived in my same apartment for 21 years?! God is good and faithful, and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to continue to minister here by His grace!

I was pleased to visit almost all of my California supporters during my 5-week home ministries in April-May 9. Although the pace was nonstop, I was reminded of the wonderful partnership that we enjoy and how fortunate I am to have friends who are committed to reaching out in France through my ministry but also through the collective ministries in which GB missionaries and partners are involved. THANK YOU!! I am really sorry that I was not able to see friends who live outside of CA this time but will hope to make those visits on my next trip to the U.S.

EPEVC (Lyon-Villeurbanne church):

  • Prayer Challenge. May 17 – June 20 the entire church was challenged to participate in five weeks of prayer with specific challenges for each week. Tomorrow will culminate the time with a prayer seminar with Yann Newberry in the context of the Lyon Bible School. I plan to attend and was thrilled to learn that friend Christine will go as well. May God in His abundant wisdom and grace answer all the prayers that have been offered up for His glory and our good!
  • The transition of pastors from Florent Varak to Philippe Viguier is going very well. We are thankful for both of these men of God and for the gifts and abilities that they offer for building up the body of Christ. Florent has done a lot of traveling recently – to Chad, California, Brazil and Argentina – in his role as the Encompass Director of the Church Equipping Network.
  • Because of limited space and a growing congregation, the church is planning to go to two services in October 2015. Pray for continued growth, unity, and additional workers to care for the additional needs that growth represents.
  • Thanks for praying! The church has hired a young man, Jean-Daniel Pikus, who has just completed the first cycle of studies at the Bible Institute of Geneva, to head up youth ministries. Jean-Daniel (an engineer) is joined by his wife Anne-Claire (a medical doctor) and their two young children. Pray for their transition to living and ministering here in Lyon.
  • Activities are beginning to slow down for the summer. This Tuesday we will have a final meal and time of prayer and fellowship with the ladies Bible study group. The house group will have a meal together to close out the year on Friday, July 3. Continue to pray for the salvation of Annick and Patrick – both are making positive steps in their journey alongside us but still have doubts and questions. I had good, frank discussions with Annick yesterday as we spent the afternoon and evening together.
  • Sad news – one of the beloved members of my house group died on May 20 from complications following heart surgery. Six months ago Danielle had been operated on and a check-up revealed that a second surgery would be necessary. Her death at 72 yrs. old was a shock to all of us. Pray for her husband, Joannes, who is also a part of our group. Joannes and Danielle would have celebrated 50 years of marriage in July. Pray that we will know how to “be there” for Joannes. Yesterday, Annick and I visited him and his son. Others have also taken the initiative to keep in touch.
  • The Sainte Foy Bible study group has had a hard time meeting because of busy, conflicting schedules. Pray that we can still be an encouragement to one another as we cross paths.

Church plants:

  • Continue to pray for the leadership and believers in Pont-de Chéruy, Trévoux and Montalieu and for God to build His church! Each has initiated outreach activities which have put them into contact with new people within their communities.

Chateau of Saint Albain:

  • Pray for the children’s week-end June 20-21 sponsored by the Friends of the Chateau for children 6-11 years old led by Sandrine Burgess. The theme is “Don’t get lost, listen to His voice!”
  • Praise the Lord for the arrival on June 1 of Bruce and Karen Beck who will serve at the Chateau for two years. I just love the enthusiasm and hard work that they have displayed in the short time they have been here.
  • Thanks to the Lord and to Lise for her commitment and hard work on the Chateau team for the past 5½ years. Pray that the Lord will open a door for employment in either France or Germany; her last day with us will be June 30. Ask the Lord to give her peace and confidence in this transition. Pray that she will do well on a French test that she will be taking next Thursday (6/25).
  • Continue to pray for the need of a manager. Last week we interviewed a couple. Pray for God’s leading as he directs them and the CEP-Château committee.
  • Praise the Lord that friend Janet LaBarge will arrive from Seal Beach, CA on July 2 to volunteer her help for three months at the Chateau. Janet participated in EMI in 1985!! Pray that she will integrate well into the existing team and that she will have joy in serving. It is hard work!
  • I will continue to give oversight of the financial accounting, which means after Lise’s departure I will probably go more often this summer to work.
  • Pray for Claire Martin who has been approved serve as a short-term missionary at the Chateau for 1-2 years. She is in the process of raising support.
  • We were privileged to have Wayne Hannah, Encompass Director of Strategic Initiatives, spend time with the Chateau team last week. He will be mentoring the team as well as coordinating efforts in raising the funds to bring the Chateau up to handicap standards. We’re thankful for him, the president of the Chateau – Joël Rongier, and the other members of the CEP committee who have vision for how the Chateau can still have an impact after 50 years as a ministry center / bridge. If you or anyone you know would like to give to the project you can send donations to Encompass marking them for the Chateau project #7400.


  • Pray that I can spend some vacation time this summer to be renewed and refreshed before activities start up in the fall. The summer months usually allow for more people involvement than usual and I’m looking forward to that.
  • It was a joy to have lunch together with Stephanie last month when she was here from Utah visiting her grandmother. I discipled her when she first became a believer 25+ years ago and she is still faithfully walking with the Lord.
  • Pray that God will give me wisdom for preparation and planning for the fall. I’ll begin looking at my IMAP (Individual Ministry Action Plan) to pray and determine what “good works” God has prepared for me. I have a lot of on-going responsibilities in administration and in personal ministries so much is determined in advance.
  • I will be teaching the 6-11 year olds in Sunday school on August 16. As one of the volunteers, I can give the regular teachers a break for the summer. Pray that I can share a lesson of my choosing that will challenge the children. I’m very thankful for the SS teachers who served faithfully that contributed to my deciding to be a follower of Christ at an early age.
  • Continue to pray that I can raise lacking support. Gifts can be mailed to Encompass World Partners, P.O. Box 80065, City of Industry, CA  91716-8065 marked for “Patty Morris support” (Account #270) or you can make on-line gifts at the following website: http://www.encompassworldpartners.org/give/giving-to-encompass

I thank God for you making mention of you in my prayers. Have a great summer!