3 different Adult Communities meet at 9 am on Sundays

Barnabas — In Room 9:

Each week, we typically discuss the Bible in a verse-by-verse manner looking for real life applications. Currently we are in a study on Apologetics, come and join this series!

Led by Ed Cashman – email

One Accord — In Room 11:

Each week, we share, pray for and with each other, and study /discuss our way through the Bible.  Over time, we’ve gone through several different books together, including Genesis, Ephesians, the Gospels, Philippians, Revelation and more.

While there is teaching, we function more as a family than a class, with lots of discussion and sharing, as God uses each of us to encourage one another.  We also gather occasionally in a home for fellowship and food.

Facilitated by Leo Wadsworth – [email protected]

The Way — In Room 15:

Come join us as we study God’s Word and walk together with Christ.


Led by Matt Dahms – email


What else happens on Sundays?