Our Associations

Globally we are associated with the Charis Alliance.  See more online (in English, Spanish or French) at CharisAlliance.org

The churches of The Charis Alliance share a common quest — to faithfully and creatively represent God’s Son and God’s Word among the diverse cultures of our world. The movement began in a small German village in 1708, when eight men and women committed to creating a church faithful to the teachings of the New Testament. Persecution soon forced them to immigrate to North America. Over the centuries, the movement morphed, divided and grew, so that today it is represented by churches and outreach efforts in thirty-three countries. While individual churches and groups of churches maintain their autonomy, The Charis Alliance provides a platform for these churches to pursue matters of common benefit and interest.

In the United States of America, the Charis movement was known for many years as the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. In November of 2017, the Fellowship began using a new name: Charis Fellowship. Los Altos Grace is a member of this fellowship of churches. See more online at CharisFellowship.us

Today the Charis Fellowship movement is made up of more than 260 churches in the United States and Canada with more than 15 national and cooperating ministries plus 20 cooperating districts.

Charis Fellowship

In our region of Southern California, we are part of the Grace Churches Network.  See more online at GraceChurchesNetwork.org 

The purpose of the churches working together is to glorify God by encouraging relationships between both ministry leaders and member churches so that our cooperation in mission endeavors, Biblical education, and leadership development, might lead to the multiplication of new disciples and new churches.