Connect With A Grace Group... If you’re looking for a place to connect with others for mutual support, encouragement, study, and prayer, this is for you! Some Grace Groups meet in person and some meet on Zoom. Follow the link below to submit an interest form and we will help you find the best option for you.

All are welcome!

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We want to invite you to connect with a Grace Group to experience a fuller expression of church life here at Los Altos Grace.

There are many types of small groups (task groups centered around working together on a particular task for a particular season, or homogeneous groups such as men’s, women’s, youth groups) but a Grace Group has a few specific goals and traits that make it unique.

Natural. We like to meet with people we like to be with… its only natural. We all need to eat anyway so let’s eat a meal together. We study the Bible together but its not just a Bible study. We pray for each other but its not just a prayer meeting. We go to each other’s events but its not just a social gathering. We support each other through difficult times but its not just a support group. We are meeting to grow as disciples of Jesus together, to live out God’s Grace together.

Timed. It’s a group of people gathering for 10 weeks. If the group would like to continue after 10 weeks that is great but you are only committing to this for a 10-week period. Usually a group will do three 10 week sessions in a year.

Intergenerational. We are hoping to start more groups that are intergenerational. An intergenerational group has a Facilitator, Host and Worship Leader and they are focused on families with children. An example of an agenda for this group is:

  • Meet for dinner (take turns providing the meal).
  • Have a time of worship and an ice-breaker question with children and adults together.
  • While adults have their Bible Discussion, have a separate kids time/age appropriate bible study, game and craft in a different room led by an adult or two –older kids can help younger kids- (take turns, not every adult will want to teach the kids and that is okay).
  • Pair up and pray for each other.
  • Come back together for dessert.

Bible Based. Questions for Grace Groups are available here -see below-. Also questions are printed and available on a table in the back of church Sunday mornings. Questions are designed for Bible discussion which makes it possible for us to equip many people to facilitate.

Multipliable. As a group grows it multiplies. Those who participate in a Grace Group agree from the beginning that we meet for each other but also to serve our community and that means inviting new people into the group and starting new groups when possible.

If you would like to be part of a new Grace Group, fill out and submit this form…



If you are interested in helping to facilitate, host or lead worship for a Grace Group, please contact Amy Dahms or Phil Helfer for more information!


Tools for Group Leaders:

Weekly Sermon Questions

If these kind of groups don’t fit what you are looking for, there are all sorts of other groups & ministries to be part of… check out this page >>