Many traditions have a communion celebration in different ways. We often do it to reflect the last night of our Lord’s life.  As we look at the night before Jesus died, we see three key elements–

The meal is a really neat time to reflect the last meal Jesus. Sometimes we share the meal in a traditional Jewish “Seder Meal”–or a Passover Meal. Most often though, it is just a good SoCal meal. There is no doubt that Jesus shared that last very meaningful meal with those he dearly loved–His spiritual family so to speak.  We should celebrate this as well with our spiritual family.  It also reminds us of the future when we will sit down at the table with our Jesus in glory for the Wedding Feast–what a celebration that will be!

The washing of the disciples’ feet is an amazing aspect of our Lord’s last night.  The example of service He showed was amazing.  Jesus also states that His action of washing the disciples feet was symbolic of His forgiveness.  We revel in the fact that He makes us clean through His forgiveness daily, just like the people in those times needed their feet washed daily.  This reminds us of Jesus’ present ministry to us.

The bread and the cup are probably the most familiar items to most people.  These elements cause us to look into the past ministry Jesus had in remembering that Jesus took on sin and death and WON THE VICTORY!  What a price He paid.