Phil Helfer - February 9, 2020

You Don't Need A Tutor

“You Don’t Need a Tutor!” This week Pastor Phil continued our “Live Free or Die” series as we finished chapter three in the book of Galatians. Paul summarizes the purpose and significance of the Law that these people are living under before reminding them of the promise God made to Abraham. Phil explained that the Law acted as both a tutor and a mirror: It helped teach people about their relationship with God while also acting as a mirror to show them how they fell short of His perfection. However, thanks to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we no longer need that tutor and mirror. The Holy Spirit resides in us and Jesus has taken the burden of the Law upon himself on our behalf. We are no longer separate people groups trying to figure out our own paths to salvation, and we are no longer wayward children, lost in this world. We have a shared past and a future lavished in hope and God’s glory. What a blessing!

From Series: "Live Free or Die"

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