Phil Helfer - March 8, 2020

Walk By The Spirit

Walk by the Spirit of God (Galatians 5 continued) Continuing in our series in Galatians, Live Free or Die, Pastor Phil highlighted a few more truths from Scripture. If we start our walk with the Lord by faith but attempt to mature by our own strength/rule keeping then Jesus is no longer a benefit to us… a scary place to be. Instead we are invited to an approach to life that works; “through love, serve one another and thus the Law is fulfilled”. How? What does this kind of life look like? We learn how to walk by the Spirit of God -not by flesh-. Flesh is: · self-interested · drives us · destructive The promise from God is that one day we will be getting a new body, in the mean-time we walk by the Spirit of God. Holy Spirit is: · from God, indeed is God · fuels the New Creation in me · protects us · guides us · empowers us In order to walk by the Spirit I need to a. Orient myself toward God (Romans 12.1), b. Orient my life around truth (Rom. 12.2), c. Release control of my life over to God. And 3 more principles gleaned from Galatians 5:24-26: 1. Recognize sin, 2. Reorient toward God, 3. Resist temptation. And remember, “the Spirit will not do the walking for us, so orient yourself to God and walk by the Spirit”.

From Series: "Live Free or Die"

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