Bob Mabry - January 26, 2020

Believe And Keep Believing

Pastor Bob continued our “Live Free or Die” series by looking at Galatians 2. Paul points out that a lot of Jews are forcing Gentiles to follow Jewish customs, when they are not even being faithful to the law themselves. It is so easy for us to be focused on what is going on around us instead of what is going on inside of us. Additionally, Bob summed up a lot of what the outside world thinks of the Christian faith: “That’s what a Christian is: A lot of ‘Don’t’s”. Verses 15 and 16 remind us that we are justified by faith in Jesus, not works of the law. Paul then addresses the “controversy” of believers being found among sinners, and the question, “Doesn’t that mean that Christ promotes sin?” Of course not! Jesus was consistently around the “sinners”! He was showing us how important it was to share the truth of God with those who don’t know it. And we hardly have the full capability to handle these things on our own. A true faith in Jesus involves knowing Him and sharing Him with the world. What can you do to know Jesus a little better this week? And what can you do to help somebody else learn more about Him?

From Series: "Live Free or Die"

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