Bob Mabry - November 24, 2019

Prayer Changes Everything

It\'s Like This

In our final week in our series on the kingdom of heaven, “It’s Like This,” Pastor Bob started by giving us a review of a number of the parables we have learned about so far. For the final topic, Bob showed us what prayer in the kingdom looks like. Going through Luke 18, we learned that prayer can take a couple forms. In looking at the Pharisee and the tax collector, we saw how easy it is for prayer to become an act of selfishness instead of glorifying God. Then our friend Steph Perez came up front and shared what a “breath prayer” is. Basically, it is a short, simple phrase that is memorable and repeatable that allows us to refocus and center ourselves on God. Steph’s example is “Jesus, you are enough.” One example from the chapter in Luke was “Have mercy on me.” As you enter into your week and are thinking about how prayer looks in the kingdom of heaven, see how Jesus responds to the blind man seeking mercy: “What do you want me to do for you?” The man’s needs are obvious. Yours may not be. Even though He already knows, Jesus wants you to share and be open with Him because it shows confidence and builds a relationship. Be bold in bringing yourself to Jesus and to engage in prayer that allows you to encounter His kingdom.

From Series: "It's Like This"

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