Bob Mabry - October 27, 2019

Wise and Foolish Builders

It\'s Like This

This last Sunday Pastor Bob brought a message about the parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders found in Matthew 7:24-29 Here’s a troubling thought; apparently it is entirely possible to know about Jesus but never actually know Him. To remedy this Jesus tells a parable contrasting a wise and a foolish person. A wise person, a person who wants to know Jesus and have a firm foundation for life is the person who hears the words Jesus has spoken and then acts in obedience to the Lord based on what He is saying and the person is hearing. This wise person is like one who builds their house on a rock instead of sand. For both the wise and the foolish, troubles of life are bound to come. Jesus calls the troubles “storms, winds that beat against a person”. We all get storms. If our life is built upon the solid foundation of Jesus then when the storms do come our way, we can withstand them. The good news is that Jesus himself desires to reside in us. The Holy Spirit will give us strength and peace in the midst of storms. We are invited into relationship with the Lord. We can learn to read His Word, pray and listen for His response. Here’s four questions you can take to the Lord in your quiet time with Him this week: 1. Question: Lord is there something you’ve been trying to tell me recently that I have missed? Write down His response. 2. Question: What is it you are saying to me from your Word this morning? His response? 3. Question: What are the storms, the streams rising, the wind beating against me right now? His response? 4. Question: What promises from you do I need to hold onto to withstand the storms this week? Any actions I need to take? His response? May the Lord bless you with ears to hear what He is saying to you in the midst of your “storms” and grace to act on what He tells you.

From Series: "It's Like This"

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