Phil Helfer - September 15, 2019

Automatic Growth. Mark 4 continued...

It\'s Like This

Pastor Phil continued our series titled “It’s Like This” as we look at the kingdom of heaven through parables of Jesus. This week we looked at the Parable of the Growing Seed. In Mark 4, verses 26-29, Jesus describes the farmer who plants his seed and watches the seed grow, but he has no idea how. It grows all by itself, and once it is ready, he harvests it. As believers, we have the opportunity to plant seeds with the people around us. We can’t force it to grow, and we aren’t called to give excessive amounts of attention to it. Instead, we are allowed to go through our normal routine and allow God to take care of growth. Relinquishing that responsibility is a difficult task, but God proves time and again how faithful He is. So, what are we to do in all of this? -Intentionally sow the Word of God -Look for opportunities -Focus our energy on planting instead of growing -Reap the harvest when ready -Be patient A step-by-step process ordained by Jesus himself. Go forth and prosper!

Scripture References: Mark 4:1-34

From Series: "It's Like This"

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