Phil Helfer - August 25, 2019

Calm In The Storm-Acts 27

Ears To Hear

Acts 27 We returned to our series in Acts as Pastor Phil shared more of Paul’s journey. After maneuvering between multiple ships and setting sail, Paul warns that their vessel and their lives will be at risk. He is proven right when the waters become rough and control of the boat is lost. So much so eventually cargo and supplies were tossed overboard in the hopes of regaining some sense of control. Amidst the chaos, Paul stands before the crew and proclaims that, while the boat will eventually be lost, their lives will not for they are on a mission from God. That reassurance had come to Paul in the form of an angel the night before. True to his word, the ship got stuck on a sand bar and was destroyed by the waves. All 276 people on board were able to swim or float on wood and safely get to shore. Paul’s continuous faith and courage had to be an inspiring sight for the crew. Faced with imminent danger and death, he knew the plan that God had for him and nothing was going to get in the way of that. Paul spoke and acted in full faith and confidence in what God was preparing for him to do, bringing the rest of the crew along with him. God has something prepared for us every day. There are difficulties and perils and hindrances along the way, but they shouldn’t stop us or redirect us. Like Paul, we need to be confident in who God is, and continue to pursue his plan for us and those around us, no matter what. What does God have in store for you today? Tomorrow? The rest of your life? Are you confident and courageous enough to stay on His path for you?

Scripture References: Acts 27:1-44

From Series: "Ears To Hear"

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