2023 Bible Study Plans

Let’s get into God’s Word in 2023!

Here are some Bible study plans that you can use for 2023. You can choose a plan that meets your needs. You can also use these with a Life Transformation Group (LTG).


Lee’s Flexible Plan

This plan lets you choose how you want to proceed.  It lists all of the chapters of the Bible and how many chapters it would take to reach a particular goal. The first page of the download describes how to use the plan.


2023 Plan

This plan starts Monday January 9 and finishes by the end of the year. It has readings from both the Old and the New Testament each day.  It is set for reading 5 days each week.


Design Your Own

This choice links to a website where you can design your own plan. You can choose how many days each week to read, starting date, how many days until finished, and much more. This website was used to create option 2.