Los Altos Grace Kids – Children’s Ministry

Children & Elementary Ministries

On Sundays, we have great teachers and staff to encourage your children to learn about God, the Bible and have fun together! All of our students from Preschool age on up gather at 9:00am on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall/Basement for an energetic time of worship to kick off our Sunday. Please bring your students on time to enjoy this time!   After the first 20 minutes, they will go to their age oriented classes for more time in the Bible with our awesome teachers and have fun!

Below are the room assignments for the little ones and where the children’s ministry classrooms  are located on our campus:

Infants up to age 2     Nursery
2’s & 3’s   Room 3
4’s & 5’s/Kindergarten Room 5
1st & 2nd Grade Room 7
3rd – 5th Grade Room 16

 Note: 6th -8th grade are part of the Middle School Ministry – FEARLESS,
and 9th-12th grade are part of the High School Ministry – Groundwork.


  Junior Church @ 10:30am

Our children, 1st grade through 6th grade, stay with their families through the first half of our worship service.  Then the children are dismissed and have a special time geared for them on our church campus for the rest of the worship time.

Nursery through Kindergarten-aged children are in the same rooms as above for the Family Bible Hour.

Green Oak Ranch Summer Camp
(1st-6th Grade)
See the Green Oak Ranch webpage


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