Need A Mom Break?

Wow! What a crazy time. We are so proud of each of you for what you are doing at home with your littles. We know some of you are home full-time with them, some are working full-time from home and taking care of them at the same time, and some of you are still essential to your physical workplace and are coming home to crazy exhausted little ones.
Los Altos Church and Schools want to offer you a chance for a “virtual mom break” via the application ZOOM. ZOOM is free (open an individual account) and easy to use. During a meeting, the zoom app lets you talk with one another and see one another from your own home…it looks a bit like the Brady Bunch opening scene.
Our hope is to provide an hour break where you can share ideas that are working with your children, vent things that are making you crazy, have a bit of spiritual encouragement designed just for moms, share any physical needs you may have, and pray for one another.
Preschool Moms Are Having Virtual Meetings at 1:30 PM on Wednesdays.
Elementary Moms Are Having Virtual Meetings at 9:00PM on Wednesdays

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