Gospel choir, Fall semester finished and more!

Thanksgiving was finished and wow, it’s already December!

In November: The Gospel Fall concert which I request for prayer was very blessed and we had a great time.(photo: top) Thank you for your prayers! We had a larger audiences than we expected and we could see them enjoyed a lot, too. Some host families brought their Japanese students to see the concert which was very nice and encouraging. And another great encouragement was the interview time with a girl student at the concert. She is a new exchange student and joined our choir since this September. At the interview time, she shared what she is learning through joining our choir and hearing our sharing at the practice. She said that now she knows that God loved us before we love Him and God is worthy, yet He sees us worthy to Him. It was a gift from God to me to hear. I thank God that He is working in these choir members’ hearts. She, her friend and I read Bible together weekly. Please continue to pray for these girls. And also I’m sure that the other non-believing members could see God’s love through hospitality from the host Church.

At Thanksgiving, we brought students to a local American family to experience thanksgiving dinner and traditions. (photo: low) They had a really good time there. I thank for the family who were willing to open their house and inviting them with love! The students experienced God’s love through them. Thank you for your prayer and support!!

I’m so thankful I can work for God’s kingdom together with you. God bless you and your family richly!!

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– Junko (Japanese Ministries of Greater LA / Encompass World Partners)
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