Angel Tree – Give Joy to a Prisoner’s Child this Christmas

Give Joy to a Prisoner’s Child this Christmas.

When mom or dad is in prison, it’s the children who do hard time. But you can let them know they are not forgotten. You can give them a gift on behalf of their imprisoned parent and in the name of Jesus!

What is the ministry of Angel Tree? 

Angel Tree is a ministry to prisoners and their children which seeks to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ and reconciliation into families separated by Mom or Dad being in prison. Church members purchase Christmas gifts in the name of the absent parent and deliver them to kids in Long Beach (and all across the US).

Listen in to our local coordinator–Pete Anderson share about how he got involved in this ministry:

I first heard about Angel Tree from Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship on the radio, and the Lord touched my heart to share the ministry with our church family at Los Altos. I remember the enthusiasm of Betty Rank, Dave Treydte and other “old timers” during the training for the first time we did it. That must have been maybe 20 years ago!

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We are so thankful to be a part of the Angel Tree outreach again this Christmas season!

Here are the details of how it works:

There is a table in the Auditorium on Sundays with the names of children we can adopt to bless this Christmas.

Go buy gifts (under $25 in value) to give these “angels” you adopted a great Christmas.

By Sunday, Dec 9— all gifts due back to the church or to Pete! Gifts must be wrapped and with the “Angel” label stuck to the outside.

Saturday morning Dec. 22 — our teams deliver the gifts. We will meet at 9:30am for delivery. If you can help deliver gifts, contact our church coordinator Pete Anderson by email [email protected]