Full: Food, Jesus and the Battle for Satisfaction

Class facilitated by Tara Mabry using the book Full by Aheritah Ciuciu

Sunday mornings 9:00-10:00am
at Los Altos Grace Church in Room 13/The Meeting Room

Beginning September 30, 2018


Week 1: Know That Calories Aren’t the Enemy. Until we deal with the heart issue of seeking fullness in food instead of God, our eating habits will never change.

Week 2: Dress for Success. Answering the question of; what does it mean to really “put on the full armor of God” to fight this battle?

Week 3: Choose Truth Over Lies. Ten lies about food and how the truth can set us free.

Week 4: Stir Up a Holy Hunger. Learning how to hunger and thirst for God.

Week 5: Experience the Power of Fasting. A biblical look at healthy fasting as a spiritual discipline.

Week 6: Feast on God’s Word. We will seek to feast on God’s Word and to go to Him with our hurts rather than a pan of brownies.

Week 7: Discover Your Triggers. How can we replace temporary fixes with lasting satisfaction found in Christ.

Week 8: Celebrate the Gift of Food. Enjoying food is not a sin. We’ll discover how to put food in it’s proper place.

Week 9: Run to Win. Preparing for a lifelong victory and learning how to handle setbacks.

Week 10: Embrace the Grace of Community. How can we continue to support each other?

Week 11: Serve with Food. Let’s talk about preparing and serving food as a healthy expression of love.

Week 12: Navigate Seasons of Change. Overcoming shame during the challenging seasons of life.


Find our more online at https://www.thefull.life/

Read a PDF excerpt of the book here