Good Friday Special Communion & Seder Meal

As a church family, we celebrate a “First Century Communion” with a remembrance of the Last Supper Jesus had with His disciples before His death on the cross and resurrection.  This year on Good Friday, we are going to celebrate an even older tradition that Jesus used at that Last Supper–a Seder / Passover Meal. “Seder” means “order”, as in “order of service.” This meal will be celebrated in the same ancient tradition that it has been through thousands of years, since the first Passover.

Pastor Chris Suitt from one of our sister churches– New Hope Community Church in Canyon Lake–is going to be the leader for this special evening. Chris also helps lead tours with Hope For Israel and is on the board of Church Multiplication Associates. We are excited that Chris is investing in our church family for this Seder Meal!

A few details in preparation:

  1. Please RSVP below or online here so we can be prepared!
  2. For this meal we will be doing it Pot Luck, so please bring enough food for the people you are bringing in your car. Please no pork or food items with yeast/leaven
  3. We will start at 6pm, but not eat until close to 7pm, so maybe grab a late afternoon snack…or enjoy a little fasting.
  4. Family friendly event with no outside childcare or nursery, but a super meaningful night for elementary kids on up!
  5. We will have the opportunity to participate in foot washing like Jesus did.
  6. This will be an awesome 3 hour event where you will be amazed at Jesus and the Bible!

We are excited to have this special Good Friday Communion Service as a Seder Meal. We hope you will join us!

Friday March 30, 2018 @ 6pm

@LosAltosGrace Fellowship Hall

PLEASE RSVP for our planning purposes below!