The Gracious Hand of God – Teaching Series

Below are the Message Recordings for this Sunday Teaching Series:

Phil Helfer - January 14, 2018

Starting the Story in Ezra 1

The Gracious Hand of God - Ezra & Nehemiah

Scripture References: Ezra 1:1-11

From Series: "The Gracious Hand of God - Ezra & Nehemiah"

Grace Groups Questions

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Interacting with the Messages:

We’ve posted Grace Groups Questions for each message that you can use in you groups or your family and friends to talk about the message!

Starting the Story in Ezra 1: Week of January 14  GraceGroupsBulletin-2018-01-14 PDF

Foundation of the Altar: Week of January 21 GraceGroupsBulletin-2018-01-21 PDF

Gracious Hand of God: Week of January 28  GraceGroupsBulletin-2018-01-28 PDF

Sin Brings Destruction, but Grace Brings Life: Week of February 4  GraceGroupsBulletin-2018-02-04 PDF

Prayer In Action | Nehemiah 1-2: Week of February 18 GraceGroupsBulletin-2018-02-18 PDF

Stirring of the Heart | Nehemiah 2-3: Week of February 25 GraceGroupsBulletin 2018-02-25 PDF

Opposition to the Cause | Nehemiah 4: Week of March 4 GraceGroupsBulletin 2018-03-04 PDF

Enemies on the Inside | Nehemiah 5:  Week of March 11 GraceGroupsBulletin 2018-03-11 PDF

Strength for the Test | Nehemiah 6: Week of March 18 GraceGroupsBulletin 2018-03-18 PDF