Weekly Email with a Special Announcement on Nov 13th

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Encouragement Works

Our topic Sunday was on encouragement. We talked about a definition of “encouragement” as to “give another person courage.” 

Each one of us needs to seek to be an encourager. Beyond that we have to admit that we need help and need encouragement!

We walked through the encouragement the Apostle Paul had for his protege Timothy in the letter of Second Timothy 1:1-14. As we walked through the passage, we boiled it down to 3 big things that Paul did to encourage Tim that we could also do:

  • Listen
  • Affirm
  • Offer Perspective

We also were encouraged again to start a Life Transformation Group

Take the time to check out the whole message again by Pastor Phil online


Church-wide Worship Night with Bread & Cup Communion

Background info: Our gifted young worship team wanted to encourage our whole church family to focus on our Lord in a special night of worship this fall. Because of holiday scheduling, this November we will not have a Sunday morning Communion expression as we have over the last few years.

Because of these two factors, the Community of Elders has encouraged the adding of a special expression of the Bread and the Cup for our Worship Night on Wednesday. We want to encourage our whole church family to be present and participate in this time of Worship! 

Wednesday, November 15

 7:00-8:30pm   in the Fellowship Hall

This night will be facilitated by our High School Ministry Worship Team.

Questions or more info needed, contact Jacob Baumer.

Plans are being made to have a church-wide First Century Communion where we will express all three elements that Jesus did at His Last Supper – the Love Feast, Footwashing and the Bread & Cup on Good Friday March 30.